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World Heritage Day ! Anything To Celebrate ?

I wonder who had ever been so idle to ponder on such petty things and words like Culture, Heritage and so on. We, the humans, have left no stone unturned to uproot every possible thing around. Air, Water, Soil ... all are blaming us for the lavishness and lust of our mind as we spared none, loved none.
By the way, it is good to remember good deeds of our ancestors, if any. There are many, plenty of words, materials, thoughts we can be proud of. But the number is dangerously near nothing.

We cant be proud of our religions, as we have chopped off one anthers heads in the name of religion. It teaches us mercy and we become merciless. It teaches us selflessness, we become hardcore selfish ones. It seems all about God, but it ends up at the doors of the Devil. It seems easy and makes us escapists !

We cant be proud of our political heritage. It is based of the animal instinct of 'survival of the fittest' and never had / have a smallest room for the poor and sufferings. It is full of deceptive ideas, bloodshed, irony, illusions, anti-common men and above all, centered on 'how to become the master @ the helm of affairs'.

Education is reached on such crossroads of confusion that the poor folks are simply forced beyond the margins by the pocket-bearers. It is no more related to intelligence but money. Here only single idiom has started ruling ... i.e. money makes the mare go !

We are no more interested in the nature's activity until or unless it is necessary, like global warming, volcano eruptions, typhoons ... The Keats instinct of sensing the fragrances of the four seasons is curbed with the remote controls of Window / Split air conditioning, deodorants and pretty wallpapers ...

There had been truckload of good things in our past, heritage, history. It is getting exhausted now as a result of our extra ordinary hobbies and habits. We are burning it by both ends. Presently, it is a matter to think, at least we HAVE some heritage with us to bring a camel like smile, but is this also going to happen with our coming generations also? What will they do with polluted air, no potable water and no natural resources left for them?

Anyhow, we got celebrate World Heritage Day on every April 18. We will celebrate. Our coming generations should also be able to do this, somehow.


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